Vegan Noms

Interviews with vegan travelers around the world

Chapter 1: “The Vegan Traveler’s Manifesto”

As I embark on my journey around the world, I am struck by the inherent contradiction between my love for travel and my desire to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. How can I explore new cultures, taste new flavors, and immerse myself in new experiences, while staying true to my vegan beliefs? This is the question that has led me to seek out other like-minded travelers, to learn from their experiences, and to create a manifesto for vegan travel.

Chapter 2: “Vegan in the Land of Meat and Cheese”

My first stop is Paris, a city renowned for its patisseries, cheese shops, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Despite the challenges of being vegan in such a meat-and-dairy-centric culture, I meet several inspiring individuals who have found creative ways to indulge in the city’s culinary delights without sacrificing their ethical beliefs. From the vegan crepes at Breizh Cafe to the plant-based tasting menu at Arpege, these travelers prove that it is possible to enjoy the best of French cuisine without compromising on ethics.

Chapter 3: “The Tropics Reimagined”

As I continue on to Southeast Asia, I am struck by the abundance of vegan-friendly options in a cuisine typically associated with meat and seafood. From the coconut-based curries of Thailand to the tempeh stir-fries of Indonesia, I discover a vibrant and diverse plant-based food culture that highlights the natural flavors of the region’s produce. I also meet fellow travelers who share their tips for navigating the street food scene and finding hidden gems off the beaten path.

Chapter 4: “Beyond the Plate”

While food is often the centerpiece of travel, veganism extends beyond what we eat. In this chapter, I meet travelers who have found ways to live more sustainably while on the road, from eco-friendly accommodations to responsible animal encounters. I also explore the intersection of food justice and travel, learning about the impact of tourism on local communities and the efforts of travel companies to support ethical and sustainable practices.

Chapter 5: “Veganism in the Age of Instagram”

In the age of social media, travel has become synonymous with the pursuit of the perfect photo. In this final chapter, I delve into the world of vegan influencer travel, meeting travelers who are using their platforms to promote ethical and sustainable travel practices. We discuss the opportunities and challenges of using social media for activism, and reflect on the importance of staying true to our values in a world that often values aesthetics over ethics.


As my journey comes to a close, I am grateful for the chance to connect with so many inspiring individuals and to discover a world of vegan travel that I never knew existed. While there will always be challenges and compromises when it comes to travel and veganism, I am reminded that our choices as travelers can have a powerful impact on the world around us. Let us continue to explore, to learn, and to advocate for a more ethical and sustainable future for both humans and animals alike.